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Not all inquiries will be accepted.


Be as specific as you can be when providing the information but do not give me a college term paper to read over.


Be prepared to send visual references for the work you're interested in getting when replied to.


Responses can take a long while, so be clear and include everything needed to be said in every response. Your patience is appreciated.


Please be ready to send a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit via Cash App, Apple Pay or Zelle. All deposits are $150 or more depending on what you are getting.


My current hourly rate is $250 an hour.

This ONLY applies to clients who I specifically say will be charged hourly. Be prepared to pay at least for 1 hour regardless of the tattoo. ($250 minimum for any tattoo)


A day session, which may be required for certain requests will cost $1500. This is for 4-6 hours of work. The reason it is a range of 4-6 hours is because I can only estimate how long your session will take and if I need to block off a day then the day needs to be covered. If it takes longer, we may need an additional session.


I am no longer accepting inquiries for this period.

They will most likely reopen Late-September to Early-October.

Please be patient if you've already submitted an inquiry.

Appointments Only. No walk-in service.

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